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Tourist Info  - My personal experience

Having visited the following places several times over the last 20 years , I can safely give information from my personal experiences across 15 islands ... Athens and surrounds for sightseeing and infrastructure travel you can find on this site .. If not feel free to email

One thing I do find that having traveled both Italy and Greece many times with Tour groups is that they always favour GREECE - simply the getting around is easier as well as travel..  Taxis, Metro and ferries always spot on time ..

The draw back That found on my last trip now in May/June 2023 is that it has become more expensive, but taking into the past covid situation and the Ukrainian war - prices have gone up costing me R2000 more in South African Currency or 100 euro ..

Also I found that they are not sharing information as my ordeal on Spetses island - We took a ferry from Piraeus to Spetses 48 Euro and then according to Google was going to take a short 10min ferry ride to Porto Cheli on the Peloponnese side..  Ferry offfice says there is a ferry @ 19H00 ... our time 11am .. So not a option .. So we ask the WaterTaxi gents --  70Euro  YIKES !!!  .. NOT A OPTION that is for sure

Then we contact Stephanie of La Pause accommodation in Porto Cheli ..  She informs us that there is a ferry called the Spetses express that runs every hour and costs 4 euro per person .. She also organised a taxi for us from KASTRO to porto cheli for 10 euro ...

Now i feel they are getting Greedy  - Why did they not tell tourists of alternative travel .. ?


I have had some pretty good accommodation in Acropoli for around R550 a day pp.  BUT ! this time we stayed in Under the Rock accommodation - perfect location and good size rooms but not a great entrance and to many stairs - Guess it is perfect for the 20 / 30 year old group .. I even got a spider bite that lasted me my tour in that apartment ..luckily they do not have poisonous spiders in Greece .

Location was perfect - right next to the New Acropolis Museum .

ACCOMMODATION in General   -

The islands are amazing and never fail us - The owners come and greet you and are extremely helpful ... you can get amazing apartments for around R500 - R650 / 30/40 euro  per day - fully equipped with sea VIEWS and some even offer a light breakfast .. see for more info


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